How to display tweets on an academic blog

Following a request from several bloggers, a new widget enabling the display of tweets on an academic blog is now available.

The widget, “AZ: Twitter Search”, is easy to configure and, in terms of size, adapts readily to the widget zone of your blog.Twitter widget

Below is a selection of different adjustments that can be made to the widget.

1. Adjusting the main fields

The “Title” field lets you add a title to the widget. If you do not fill in this field, the title, “Recent tweets”, will be displayed by default.

The “Search Subject” field is indispensable. It is here that the subject of the tweets you wish to display is entered. The subject can be the name of a Twitter account, a tag (hashtag) or another search filter permitted by twitter. Consult the various filters and their operators here:!/search-home

To display tweets published on a specific twitter account, prefix the name of the account using the operator “from:”. For example, to display tweets from the @hypothesesorg account, you should enter from:hypothesesorg.

Last tweets

To display tweets from several accounts, you can use the operator “OR”. For example, to display tweets from the @hypothesesorg and @calendashs accounts, you should enter from:hypothesesorg OR from:calendashs.

From twitter account

You can also display tweets relating to a hashtag. For example, by entering the hashtag #hyporadar, tweets containing this label will appear in the widget.

Featured posts

To display tweets relating to several tags, use the operator OR. So, to display tweets relating to the hastags #hyporadar and #hyposlide, simply write: #hyporadar OR #hyposlide.

More featured posts

It is also possible to combine several different operators in order to display tweets from a specific account and references to this account.

More featured posts

2. Appearance adjustments

a. Colours

A series of colour options is also available. We advise you to select a background colour that doesn’t hinder reading and that contrasts sufficiently with the colour of the text.

The “Shell background” field corresponds to the upper and lower zones of the widget.

The “Tweet background” field corresponds to the background of the central part of the widget, where tweets appear.

The “Tweet font colour” field corresponds to the colour of the text.

b. Displaying tweets

The “Tweet to load” field enables you to establish the number of tweets you wish to display.

The “Refresh interval” field enables you to adjust the renewal interval of tweets.

The field “Show live tweet” enables you to adjust how the tweets scroll down. To reduce the number of tweets on display, select the “false” value in this field.

Once you have made your adjustments, don’t forget to save them!

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